Terms and Conditions

      Our responsibility:

a.        All our work is fully guaranteed by us. If you are not satisfied with the standard of work for whatever reason, we will always endeavour to remedy the situation and rectify any shortcomings as part of our commitment to provide a high standard of service and workmanship.

b.        All necessary materials can and will be provided by us and will always be of high quality and used in an appropriate manner as per the manufacturer's guidelines. Where it is necessary to match existing decor, our work will be carried out with this in mind, using appropriate materials that provide an exact match where possible. If an exact match will not be achievable, the client will be consulted.

c.       Any quote or estimate is subject to revision if there are any changes to the nature or extent of the requested work. This may apply to both labour and materials.

d.  Assistance can be provided with the repositioning and/or removal of bulky furniture items and white goods, but will incur an additional charge.

e.  We will take every possible precaution to ensure that all vulnerable areas and any objects left in the work area are carefully and thoroughly covered and/or masked.  However, there will always remain a very small risk of overspill or dust getting past these precautions. In the rare event of overspill, dust or other cosmetic damage, we will endeavour to ensure that it is satisfactorily cleaned.

f.  The client will be expected to provide electrical power, running water and toilet facilities where reasonably possible

Client's responsibility:

                         a.       To remove valuable and/or fragile items from the areas to be decorated.

                         b.      To remove pictures and other wall-hangings.

                         c.      To remove electrical goods. 


1 . For each project taken we do ask for the payment to be paid in installments as explained below:

                               a. 20% of agreed price to be paid after 20% of the job/project has been completed.

                               b. 25%  of agreed price to be paid once 50% of the job/project has been completed.

                               c. 25% of agreed price to be paid once the 70% of the job/project has been completed.

                               d. the remaining 30%  to be paid after job/project completion.